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Hit the Ground Running

Hit the ground running.

Thank you to everyone for your support and your questions. We will try to answer everything in time.

Something still remains and grows every day that women are pulled from their homes and their choices are revoked. A passion and a strength. The strength of women through generations that have bared their children with their experience and choices; and the passion of the women supporting and fighting for these precious moments.

It’s your right.

We will take it back. Whether it is the traditional birth attendant for one woman, a registered midwife for another or a doctor for the next; all of these choices are valid and they must stay in the hands of the mothers alone. Mothers carry their children for their 42+ weeks, on the strength of their backs and legs and their heart. Mothers alone have the hands to bring about the changes to this archaic system that denies them their rights.  

We are all those mothers.

Please don’t dismay that these days are long or that the times look bleak. Pass through with us. Join hands with us and so many women before who had the tools and the support to do what they had to. They are still doing it, we are still doing it. We will continue to push forward with this task to give back the power to women; in Saskatchewan, in Canada and further. They will watch and know what we have done. Squat low, breath slowly, move back and forth and feel that power that you know has always been yours to take.

Take it.

Seize it and give birth to your most honest self. Let us help and help yourself in return. Lend your strength to us so that we may give it to all women who need it; need to know that it exists. Let us bring up all women and shame none. Let us move mountains, for we have slept for long.

Hit the ground running.

A. Charles


Who cares?

Care, a small four letter word that comes with many big meanings. You will find that everyone claims to care for someone or something. We care for people and for causes. We even care for our houses and vehicles. We can choose to care for others just as we can choose who cares for us. Sometimes the meaning of care has been lost in the legalities of care.

Care as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary, can be both a noun and a verb with various definitions. Care can mean doing something with watchful attention, making an effort to do something correctly, safely or without causing damage. It can be defined by emotion such as something that causes you to feel worried or unhappy. It can be mundane like to deal with or do something that requires attention. I take care of the groceries in my home and we take care of our vehicle to keep it in good running order. We care about people by being interested, concerned, feeling affection and by wanting to help or protect them.

In terms of health-care we understand that to mean the prevention or treatment of illness by doctors, dentists, psychologists and so on. When we talk about primary care we expect medical care from a doctor, who sees a patient first and provides basic treatment or decides that the patient should see another doctor. The term care is used to describe many aspects of our life such as holistic care, therapeutic care, intensive care even car care.

Continue reading “Who cares?”

Birth Right, Basic Right

My mother taught me that birth is normal. Birth isn’t at all like the women screaming in all those sitcoms and movies. She always rolled her eyes at those parts in the movies and said “birth isn’t at all like that”. So I grew up knowing that Hollywood had over acted. Don’t get me wrong, I know birth isn’t always a walk in the park, but I also know a lot of the pain is built up in our heads. We have all been told horror stories about people giving birth. We have been taught through our society that birth is something to be feared and that it is dangerous. Women can’t do it on their own. A hospital is the only rational place to give birth, even though someone you know has undoubtedly gone through hell in their hospital bed.

How many of those hellish situations are because women’s bodies are broken? I can tell you… not very many. A lot of it is imposed on us through interventions in the hospital. We have been giving birth since the dawn of our species, yet somehow our bodies just forgot how to do it in the last 100 years? I have had things go wrong in the hospital that weren’t birth related. I have gone unheard in the hospital before, leaving me with second and third degree chemical burns on my upper calf. I didn’t want to leave the most sacred act I was to ever preform in the hands of those who (usually) just see me as another number. Continue reading “Birth Right, Basic Right”


So giving women are, it is how some of us were raised. Always offer the man the bigger piece. The bigger slice of pie. We always look after the needs of others before our own. Did our ways lead to our doom?

The times have changed for us women. Five generations ago women birthed at home. They had each other, surrounded with strength and support of their chosen people. All this before we had the right to vote or step food in a tavern or bar.

For those who believe that birth is a normal physiological process, a hospital is not their choice place to birth. Save it for those needing surgery, for those who are sick or dying. Continue reading “Slice”

Birth Freedom not Birth Regulation

The elation I felt when I discovered I was pregnant soon turned to worry and concern when it came time to find a care provider.  New to all things pregnancy/birth and in exploring my options, I consulted my family doctor.  I was informed that the thing to do was see an OB and was referred to one 260 km away.  As homebirth was on my radar, I was not comfortable with either the distance I would need to travel or the prospect of seeing an OB for what I believed to be a natural process.

I found information on doulas and midwives and felt that was a better fit for my personal needs and beliefs.  But further research revealed choosing out of hospital support for my birth wasn’t a clear path.  It was fraught with obstacles that boggled my mind and continues to do so!

Although I initially sought out a Registered Midwife (RM), it turned out I didn’t have access to one for my birth.  And since local hospitals don’t “allow” births, my only options were: travel 3 hours to birth in hospital with physician OR birth unassisted.  This is what current legislation forces many women to choose between. Continue reading “Birth Freedom not Birth Regulation”

Hands on Contact

I write this as both an expectant mother and practitioner affected by the current wording of the Midwifery Act. As a prenatal yoga teacher and BodyTalk practitioner that specializes in fetal positioning, birth preparation and induction me just having hands on contact or my health recommendations with an expectant or postpartum mother puts me liable for being charged with “practicing Midwifery”.

It is very scary and limits my ability to help the mothers that need me. This legal fight is to protect all women’s rights to choose who and how they will be supported through their births. The current act restricts that freedom.

I had my son with a wonderful uncomplicated home birth with a midwife but with the current shortage I did not get a midwife with this pregnancy. I trust in birth and my ability and have chosen to birth this new child on my own with the support of my husband and close friends/colleagues who are experienced in birth. My husband, my friends could then be charged for helping me. That is not right! It is my informed choice to make. Continue reading “Hands on Contact”