Wild Roots

Giving birth is one of the first conscious acts of Mothering. There are others, to be sure: conception and prenatal health are big ones, as well. But none are quite so managed, or as political as birth. As a mother, I found that giving birth under my own authority created a pattern that continues as my children grow. Mothering is instinctual, but it can be pretty damn heavy at times. I search my soul for answers about how to foster a healthy, happy childhood for my babies. Often, the answers that come are not what the mainstream has decided champion. That’s ok with me. And that peace began with making a different choice way back at the beginning; at their births. Choosing to give birth to them the way I wanted to, the way I felt comfortable, was imperative. I’m not being hyperbolic when I say it changed my life. I found a inner power that I was unaware I possessed. I am more self-aware, more self-assured, more self-loved than I was before I made autonomous choices about my children’s births. Giving birth was a catalyst for a shift in me, and I believe it is meant to do just that. Birth is not simply about bringing forth a child. It also brings forth the mother; an awakened woman. Women are remembering this. Legislation attempts to keep birth from returning to its wild roots, but we remember.

Emily Graham

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