Be part of the change!

Mothers In Action Canada (MIAC) is taking action to make real change for the women of the world today–and for the future. We are organized, determined and passionate about birth choices. We have been kickstarted into action because there is a case before the courts that will set precedent in Saskatchewan. The SK Midwifery Challenge has been the catalyst to set MIAC in to motion and while it is our first action, it won’t be our last.

Why is this case so important? The answer is: if precedent is set in Saskatchewan, it will affect the rights of women in all of Canada—sending ripples throughout the world.

It is up to the courts to decide whether or not the defendant is found guilty or innocent. That has no bearing on MIACs involvement in the case. This is a unique opportunity to set in motion the process to change legislation.

MIAC’s aim is to receive ‘intervener status” with this case. The only way to get intervener status is to have a case already in motion (we do, read our FAQs) and to file to the court for status. What that means: we could act as a third party to the case if given status. We are simply trying to step in and say: “Wait a minute, this legislation violates human rights and needs to be looked at and changed.” It is then up to the court to decide what they will do with both the legislation challenge and the accused. 

MIAC is currently raising funds for our up and coming court date. We do not yet know if we will receive intervener status, but need to raise the funds in order to file by May 9th. If we do receive intervener status, we will be fundraising for the next step in this legal case, which is supporting evidence that this does in fact violate human rights. There are a lot of parallels with our case and other human rights issues such as abortion laws, the right to freedom of culture and religion, the right to choose self-care, and other feminist movements. IF we receive intervener status, this could be HUGE. It could get the national attention we so need to make the public more aware of these issues.

We are asking for your support. If you are interested in being a part of the change, please let us know. Memberships are coming in from all over Canada! Become a member today. If you can contribute financially to our cause, please visit our Go Fund Me page. If you have already contributed, thank you so much for your support and encouragement.

If you can pass on the message that we are tying to create change and more options for women, we encourage you to do so. Be part of the change!

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