Hit the Ground Running

Hit the ground running.

Thank you to everyone for your support and your questions. We will try to answer everything in time.

Something still remains and grows every day that women are pulled from their homes and their choices are revoked. A passion and a strength. The strength of women through generations that have bared their children with their experience and choices; and the passion of the women supporting and fighting for these precious moments.

It’s your right.

We will take it back. Whether it is the traditional birth attendant for one woman, a registered midwife for another or a doctor for the next; all of these choices are valid and they must stay in the hands of the mothers alone. Mothers carry their children for their 42+ weeks, on the strength of their backs and legs and their heart. Mothers alone have the hands to bring about the changes to this archaic system that denies them their rights.  

We are all those mothers.

Please don’t dismay that these days are long or that the times look bleak. Pass through with us. Join hands with us and so many women before who had the tools and the support to do what they had to. They are still doing it, we are still doing it. We will continue to push forward with this task to give back the power to women; in Saskatchewan, in Canada and further. They will watch and know what we have done. Squat low, breath slowly, move back and forth and feel that power that you know has always been yours to take.

Take it.

Seize it and give birth to your most honest self. Let us help and help yourself in return. Lend your strength to us so that we may give it to all women who need it; need to know that it exists. Let us bring up all women and shame none. Let us move mountains, for we have slept for long.

Hit the ground running.

A. Charles


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