So giving women are, it is how some of us were raised. Always offer the man the bigger piece. The bigger slice of pie. We always look after the needs of others before our own. Did our ways lead to our doom?

The times have changed for us women. Five generations ago women birthed at home. They had each other, surrounded with strength and support of their chosen people. All this before we had the right to vote or step food in a tavern or bar.

For those who believe that birth is a normal physiological process, a hospital is not their choice place to birth. Save it for those needing surgery, for those who are sick or dying. That’s a fair choice.

Never mind how we got to this point. To the point where, dare I say, a male dominated career tells a woman her choices. Instructs her how to birth. He who has no womb. No uterus. Studied our biological process only. We distrust our bodies so much we think we need to be told. So we head to the hospital pre-armed with our already determined compromises because if we “agree to this” maybe, just maybe, they (they with no uterus) will “let us” have that. Hand our bodies over.

How did we get so far in other aspects of our rights that we have fallen here? Humble be the damned. I think we have the right to our bodies. Autonomy. Who touches us. When they touch us. Why. How. It is our say. Think of what this challenge means. Do your choices belong to you? Or the government….

That’s a mighty fine piece of pie you have, may I ask who you are serving it to?


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