As a birthing woman, this legislation is a big deal to me. Sticking with just birth support choices in my thinking right now, my choices within the system are extremely limited. All of the various Dr’s I’ve worked with, refuse to even look at me as an individual, and just look at textbook ideas of who/what I am. If I stick with regulated choices, my ONLY choice is to be referred to an OB. I absolutely have zero choice for a midwife. This sends me into panic mode. My experiences are that I’m seen as a stupid individual, and anything I could have educated myself on, MUST have been learned solely through blogs, or even Hello! Magazine was directly referenced (which I didn’t even know at the time was an actual publication) and other people’s opinions based on their own experiences, because I couldn’t possibly know how to search out anything credible, and of any value.

I’ve been bullied, and every scare tactic used against me. I’m only seen as a high risk, stupid woman, who THINKS she knows what she wants, and what is best for her, but she doesn’t know a thing. We have to set her straight. I’ve never had any complications with any of my births, and am convinced after obtaining my records from my c-section, that it was nothing more than another bullied scare tactic to prove their point that I know nothing about what is best for me. Because I’m “non-compliant”. And I could go on about what that was about too, and it’s a load of crap!

Not to mention, that even as I MAY establish a relatively decent relationship with the specialist I was referred to, to be all up in my personal space and business, It is a gamble once you actually go into labour. Because you only get who is on call in the hospital. So if it’s not your Dr, it is someone you’ve never met or even seen before, and you’re expected to just open up and let them do whatever they deem necessary, whether or not it’s in your birth plan or you feel comfortable with it. As someone who’s experienced sexual abuse; this is terrifying for me. Because of my history, if I get someone who is not vbac friendly, or what if I had a breech baby, I am at a greater risk of being bullied again. If I get a Dr who is not breech friendly, it doesn’t matter what my Dr and I have decided, the Dr on call makes the decisions. A birth plan means nothing, and I’m well aware that they laugh at women who come in with them. At least at our local hospital they do. And I don’t have the option of traveling into the city to hope for someone better, because my labours are too quick.

So I am left with…terrifying, forced, regulated options, or choose my own way. I’ve researched and keep doing so. I’m not making my choices and decisions lightly. I believe with my whole heart that I’m choosing what is best for me, and for my baby.
Even if I didn’t choose anyone to come as support of any kind, and it was just my husband and I…the way the wording is, either of us could be implicated, if the college decided to really get hard about this. Plus all the other examples that have been given throughout all the discussion thus far.

I truly see a cascade ready to begin. It starts with one thing, such as the current charge, and as time goes on, more and more options begin being removed, because leaving the wording as-is, will always leave that option open for them. We cannot say with any certainty that oh…as long as people are within scope, they won’t bother with you. As long as they leave the wording so broad, it leaves them the opportunity to go after ANYONE. Why are so many willing to ignore that, and trust that they won’t continue to go deeper with this? We need to preserve our rights. Leaving this, gives them the power to continue removing rights, one by one. Even if people do believe they never will…the option and the power to do so, will always be there if this is not revised.

I also see this leading to a requirement to be under regulation for anyone working with pregnant women. The regulations are not based on what’s best or safest for the women. It’s a business model, based on what best covers their butts. Most of all it removes options for women who may need them the most.

M. Cook

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