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Mothers in Action Canada is a grass-roots, not-for-profit organization started in Saskatchewan. We believe that women have a fundamental right to birth when, where and with whom they choose (or with no one). This organization works to address and improve laws (and other violations) which restrict birthing freedoms. We will advocate for women who wish to choose the type of care they receive. We serve to protect women from laws that restrict our basic human rights to make these choices.

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Current Actions

Who Owns Your Womb?

Do you believe in your right to bodily autonomy? Do you believe women should be able to choose where and with whom they give birth? Do you believe you should be able to choose your care providers while you are pregnant, in labour or postpartum?

Saskatchewan, Canada currently has legislation tucked into their midwifery act that removes these rights from its women. The Midwifery Act of Saskatchewan blatantly violates Section 7 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It infringes upon a woman’s right to “life, liberty and security of person” .

We, Mothers In Action Canada Inc., a registered non-profit, need your help to challenge this legislation in court. As MIAC’s first action, we have raised funds to retain experienced legal council and our goal is to launch a formal constitutional challenge against the very legislation that is taking these rights away from you, your wives, sisters, mothers, daughters and female friends.

The pre-trial date is fast approaching (June 9) and our lawyer is set to present the challenge to the prosecution by May 9th, 2017.

The time for us to change this legislation is now! We have the unique opportunity to raise this challenge because the Saskatchewan College of Midwives is pursuing its first case against an individual in regards to this legislation.  If the charge is successful it will set a precedent that affects the rights of every woman across Canada.

You might be asking, “Why now? Something big must have happened?”  The facts pertaining to this case do not include someone misrepresenting themselves as a Registered Midwife, nor delivering a baby, and no one is accused of causing harm. The charge states that the accused performed unauthorized practices pursuant to the Midwifery Act of Saskatchewan over the period of one month, for one person, in November 2014.  This is a test case. If they succeed it sets precedent in Canada.

Our first financial goal to launch the challenge on January 5th, 2017 was met in just 16 days!  Join us as we launch the second phase of this action!  In the event Intervenor status is achieved we will continue to fundraise for the third phase to raise $22,000 for the trial.

Please donate!  Your rights and the birthing rights of all our children are at stake.
We need your help to change this vague, arbitrary, and over-broad legislation. To donate, visit our Go Fund Me.  

Find more at our FAQ SK page.

We will be posting shortly on the current actions in Quebec. Please feel free to follow the website so you are up to date on all actions.

Nous publierons bientôt les actions actuelles au Québec. N’hésitez pas à suivre le site afin que vous soyez au courant de toutes les actions.

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